Bryan Brundige

Musician - Audio Production - Recording - Mixing

Grandma's Studio

Grandma's Studio was started in 2011 by Bryan Brundige. Grandma's is a multi track recording facility that focuses on the creation and capturing of music. Our mission is to provide the comfort and love that Grandma's house always did, in order to provide the best environment for creativity. Our services include:

- Recording and Production Services

At Grandma's, we focus mainly on music production. This includes recording and mixing of music (bands, singers, rappers, songwriters, etc.), composition of songs and background tracks, production of full-length albums, development of YOUR material, and arranging. Not only do we record, we compose music. Looking for background music for your commercial, film or advertisement? No problem!

- HD Video Production Services

We can provide these services for your recording session, as well as remotely at your next concert, corporate event, or music video.

- Remote Recording

We can multi track up to 32 channels. Hoping to make a live album? We can help!